Thursday, March 01, 2007

Marketing Consultation from the Local Coffee Shop

Marketing Consultation from the Local Coffee Shop

Since 1995, members of the CreatiVerve team and its founder Daniel J. Rocca have been meeting clients and potential clients at area coffee shops. Daniel explains… “I initially preferred to meet clients at the coffee shop because I didn’t have an office and I wanted the arrangement to be equal; no one sitting behind a desk and no one sitting in front of one. No office phone or company personnel to take the attention away from either side of the discussion. I continue to prefer the coffee shop for the initial client/provider meeting because there is no better place to learn about a person than at a neutral setting.

Our business is about people and to do our job correctly we need to know as much as we can prior to getting started. An office and its environment can be very misleading; it can also cause one to make unfair judgments prior to learning about the people involved. Standing outside the box, when the situation allows; I highly recommend meeting with people over a cup of something hot at a neutral setting.”

Specializing in Marketing Consultation and Creative Direction, the CreatiVerve maxim reads… “Marketing is the Answer… for your business, product, service and you.” After reviewing the CreatiVerve website at: (which for the record is a very impressive, clean and professionally designed website) I am thoroughly convinced that CreatiVerve is worth reaching out to. I would also have to agree that Marketing may very well be the answer regarding anything to do with the success of a product, service, business or you!

It was a positive experience visiting CreatiVerve Online, if you have the time to do so I suggest you drop by and bookmark the site; you never know when you or a friend might need a forward thinking Marketing Solutions Company! I also recommend reading the article entitled “A Balancing Act” by Daniel J. Rocca, it told me a lot about him as a person and I found it to be a very refreshing read.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Secured Loan Applications When You Are Unemployed

Applying for a loan when you are unemployed money can be pretty tough. In fact, it is when you are unemployed that you mainly need the extra money that a loan could give you. So are you allowed to take one out or are loans only for the employed? Well, the good news is that you can still get a loan if you are unemployed it is just hard finding a company to help you.

The main reason loan companies do not like lending to the unemployed is obvious – they do not have any source of proper income. So just how exactly could they pay back the loan without proper income? That is something you will have to ask yourself. If you could afford it somehow then that is great and you should not let anything stop you from applying, but if you cannot afford it you should really think again. Getting into any kind of debt is advised against so if you cannot afford the repayments it is not worth applying for a loan of any type.

The best thing is that you are a homeowner and apply to get a secured loan. Tenants can also benefit too. The best way to find the loan that you need is to do a search online. It is hard to find companies which offer unemployed loans as it is without scanning the phonebook for hours at a time! So, do your research and you will find what you are looking for!


The property market in Dubai is joining in with the ‘all you can handle finance options’ and banks are competing to offer the best deals. With more and more people looking to purchase property in Dubai, the country has certainly done its research and found that most people, especially foreigners who are not familiar with the country, easily and willingly get themselves into debt.

A quick look at how the UK property market operates is enough to give Dubai plenty of ideas as more and more people are diving in to get mortgages. It does not matter how much the prices rise by as people want to get onto the property ladder and mortgage lenders take full advantage of this. However, Dubai doesn’t want to get finance from there, they get it from elsewhere as it is usually cheaper. People who are moving to Dubai should really get advice from a broker beforehand as otherwise they could end up being conned out of a lot of money. So, ensure that if you do want to invest in property over there, that you get a reasonable rate for any loan that you agree to.

Moving abroad can always be an adventure but it will not be much of one if you get stuck with a high mortgage!

Credit Cards or Store Cards

Many people may not realise that there are various differences between store cards and credit cards. In fact, it seems that people think that store cards are often a lot cheaper and easier than credit cards, but that is not always the case. Whilst credit cards can have high interest charges, often store cards are a lot worse and consumers end up paying a lot more back than they should be.

The reason that people are drawn into applying for store cards is the discounts. Most stores have their own card now and they offer discount prices of 20% off their products if you use their card. However, what they do not tell you is that the 20% you are saving off the original price of the clothes is actually made up from fees.

So, whilst credit cards can get you into debt, store cards are usually worse. That means that credit cards are probably a safer choice but it is always worth looking at various different ones before applying. No matter which card you do decide to opt for, both need comparing and you need to rally shop around, compare credit card offers to find the best deals. Do not just opt for the first one that you are offered and ensure that the card will be worth it before you apply.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Suburban House Hunters

Suburban House Hunters

When looking for real estate you have a lot of options in who you work with. Working as a team real estate agents have been able to provide better service and more specialized knowledge. This is exactly the reason why The Suburban House Hunters Team was formed.

With agents that specialize in working with buyers and others that deal with only listings it allows each customer to know that they are receiving the best service possible. Suburban House Hunters has agents that cover all of Chicago and the suburbs. Whether you are looking for a home in Algonquin or a condo in Chicago the Suburban House Hunters Team can handle your real estate needs.