Thursday, November 05, 2009

Sugar Daddy Websites

Sugar daddy is the person who spoils and pampers a young lady to gain sexual intimacy and affection. Sugar daddies often do it for physical attraction but there might be other reasons for it as well. Sugar daddies get what they want like pleasure or sincere companionship because it is said that rich people have less sincere people and in return they give money and very much expensive gifts wish that young women can not get.
Those young ladies are colloquially called “sugar babies”.
Sugar babies in many cases do it for money and to enjoy their lives and to live with comfort which they can not afford. Sugar daddies are mainly famous celebrities, lawyers, doctors and engineers.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Sugar Mommas Online

The boys who are called the “sugar babies” do it for a cause and the cause may be their love towards the old age lady (sugar momma), or they just want to live a life like a rich man by living in there with the sugar momma, or they can just have money for their services. Many people think that it’s a kind of prostitution, because the sugar babies present their body and time to the sugar momma and in return he or she gets money or gifts. It is seen that some times the sugar mommas are very much possessive or control freaks as they want to see their sugar baby’s life as they want. They have this thought in their mind that they are in control of the other person’s life just by giving some money. This is part of the reason why such relationships don’t last very long.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Millionaire Dating Site In Australia Online

Dating sites for Millionaires in Australia have grown much in past few years. There seems to be new millionaire sites popping up on the web almost every week. We can look at millionaire dating service as a website that caters for men and women who are there either for sexual intimacy, companionship, fun, friendship or marriage. It works under the premise that most millionaires -although know what they want and need in a relationship- mostly do not really have the time to go looking for it. Thus, these websites aim to make the hunt as convenient and easy for them as possible.

Millionaire dating sites provide the expertise and technology such as emailing, chatting, and instant messaging used for online dating. If you are browsing the internet for Millionaire Dating Sites in Australia, you will get loads of sites that claim to be millionaire dating service providers.