Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Best Gas Mileage Suv

Travel can be very expensive even when you aren’t traveling by plane. The cost of commuting to work and play can be overwhelming if you have a large vehicle. However, many of us need bigger vehicles to accommodate our needs. It is a great idea to find the best gas mileage SUV on the market.
Most of us need to get around and many of us need to get others around as well. Finding a vehicle that offers a lot of leg room as well as space for items is wonderful but finding the best gas mileage SUV is even better. Saving money is very important and this holds true in just about every aspect of our everyday lives.
So how do you find the best gas mileage SUV available? I discovered some helpful information through CNN/Money. While I would love to say that I just happened to catch a news episode covering the best gas mileage SUV on the market, I have to admit that I looked the topic up on the Internet.
According to CNN/Money, the Honda Insight is top ranking as far as getting relatively cheap monthly gas bills. This is great news to anyone who is able to work a manual transmission. However, many of us don’t want to think too much when we drive. The best gas mileage SUV has a standard transmission but many of us are looking for the cheapest gas rates for automatic vehicles.
The Toyota Prius is the answer to the automatic car driver’s dream. This best gas mileage SUV is a wonder for those of us who are looking for an attractive, efficient vehicle that offers roomy space as well as a convenient transmission. This is one of my personal favorites.
Those who are a little more environmentally conscious may want to look for the best gas mileage SUV that also offers alternatives to traditional fuel. The Honda Civic Hybrid is perfect. Not only is this vehicle everything you could want in a sport utility vehicle; it is also environmentally conscious with an automatic transmission.
These best mileage SUV winners are among several that consumers can consider when purchasing a new vehicle. It is important to remember your personal tastes as well as your particular driving style. Also, you may want to consider “green” vehicles that offer generous tax refunds at the end of the year.
Just because you want a roomy vehicle doesn’t mean that you have to spend a lot in fuel costs. The best mileage SUV is out there for you. You just need to look.