Thursday, February 10, 2011

Canadian Electronic Cigarette

In Canada, the surprising cost of cigarettes has lead to a rise in crime with many Canadians turning to buying black market, or unstamped, cigarettes. These illegal cigarettes can be dangerous as there’s really no way to tell what’s in them, but many aren’t concerned enough to stop turning to those avenues. In most cases a carton of unstamped cigarettes costs a third of what a consumer would pay at a store. For many, that is too good of an offer to pass up.

The theory among most smokers is that eventually, cigarettes, at least in Canada, will cost over fifteen dollars per pack. If that is the case, they say, they’ll quit. Then again, I can clearly remember my mother and her friends making the same claim if cigarettes reached ten dollars a pack. That time has come and passed, and my mother is a smoker still.

The risks linked with smoking will extend far beyond often-reported health related consequences. Money that is spent trying for supporting the addiction is astounding, as well as while you might not recognize burden over its course of day, week and even one month, cost of the smoking over course of the lifetime can certainly put to better use. What you & your family can do with the extra 2,000 for 40 years from now? So, think about that next time when you feel to light up your cigarette.

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