Thursday, July 09, 2009

How To Connect To The Internet Via Satellite

Satellite Internet connections – Factors which affect the service quality

2. Rain Fade
Rain Fade is a factor which affects many wireless connections. I once used WiMax (Wireless internet) which sues the network like our cell phones use. But in case of WiMax the signals were operated at high frequency (in Ghz) and in this range the signals gets significantly weakened by rain and storms.

3. Line of Sight
The dish antenna at user’s end should have a line of sight connection with the satellite. It implies that there should be direct, straight signal link between the antenna and the satellite.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Birth Evolution Of The Internet

The first form of Internet which was developed years ago was way different from the internet we are using today. Internet has taken many forms during its evolution. Many new innovations has been introduced in the Internet since then – And hence today we are experiencing the Internet which is more sophisticated and brims with higher speed, greater reliability, and larger bandwidth. Here’s a brief description of birth evolution of the Internet:

Where Can I Watch Television On The Internet

Few days back, I was in the office with not much work. I was using Facebook and was waiting the clock to tick five (that’s when my office shift ends). It was then when I started wondering since everything is available on the internet can I watch the television on the internet too? And to look for the answer I started to ‘Google’ my query, and here’s what I found:

Bank On The Internet

Online money transfers are now made easy with electronically handling financial activities. Numerous online money transfer companies can be found over the internet but the subject of our discussion here is Paypal – The most-widely and most-authentic source of transferring money electronically.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Pitch Black Contact Lens Buy Now

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