Thursday, May 14, 2009

Exotic Eye Contacts Buy Now

Exotic contact lenses can make you look beautiful and ravishing and make you stand out in the lot of many people. If it is one of the most important occasions of your life then you should try getting a pair of these lenses because nothing would make you look more pretty but exotic contact lenses.There are only few personalities on whom exotic contact lenses would suit. If you think your hair and dressing would match with the exotic lenses that are green, yellow, multi shaded and grey then you can order free trial contacts online. The contact lenses without prescription are usually bought from online stores that have a lot of variety of contact lenses. If you choose to purchase the exotic contact lenses then you really don’t need a prescription of that.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Best Contact Lenses For Dry Eyes

The normal pretty contacts or color changing contacts are made from soft polymer that contains 30-70 percent of water. This water is not desirable by contact lenses for dry eyes as there is tendency of extra water loss in the form of evaporation in dry eyes. If there will be more water content in the lenses then it is evident that there will be rapid water loss from eyes which will make the case of dry eyes even worse and you will keep feeling irritation all the time. There are many other reasons for eyes to go dry and this causes a person to produce less tears and moisture in the eye. Environmental factors like pollution, being exposed to smoke or dusty wind, heat in the room etc make the eyes go dry. The soft contact lenses tend to loose water rapidly and hence the need of some other material emerged when the soft contacts were no more suitable for dry eyes. Contact lenses for dry eyes are composed of material that is different from regular prescription and non prescription contact lenses.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Glow in the Dark Contact Lenses Grab One Now

There are several looks that your eyes can have with the help of these lenses. If you want an angelic looks, the light blue airy lenses will give a cool and calm and glowing effects to the eyes. A customized purple glowing lenses can create the effect of banshee when a detailed eye makeup is used to create the character. If you want yourself to look like incredible hulk then green glow in the dark contacts will suit you best.