Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Best Artificial Turf Field Grab One Now

The cost of installing a synthetic field depends upon the type of field preparation needed and the size of field, along with a drainage system. There are three types of field preparation which are Native Soil, Sand-Based and Native Soil with Amendments. The Native Soil with Amendments seem to be the best option as it has a better drainage system and wears better. All sports field should have a proper sub surface drainage system which is important for a smooth and quality game. The reasonable amount of area needed for a field is around 90,000 sq.ft, with an estimated overall installation cost of around $ 300,000. Though this may seem like a huge amount, it actually pays off well, as the field becomes a long term investment saving thousands of dollars of maintenance costs incurred on real fields. It also increases the usage time of the field and does not require and closure for renovation. Therefore keeping in mind all these facts, it could be safely said that artificial field turfs are the best option for field games, enabling players to smoothly tackle a move!