Thursday, June 30, 2011


The Vapor Experience webstore sold to me and delievered to singapore, and i know of 5 others just around me so you can start there if you want to buy vapor cigs delievery takes about 15 days and is in a white bag called vapor cartridges has customs sticker and vaild company address from New Zealand on the back of the packet. They are nice and clean design i would suggest get the free packet deal but remember its your risk always so dont spend money you dont have. Customs have the right to sieze it if they want to or decide to on anyday. for more visit the Electronic cigarette vapor store for more

They have a NZ site as well that you can buy Vapor cigs from as well but im sure .com would be faster who knows e-cigarette Singapore has replaced the old tobacco cigarette with a massive force. They have become the new style and tradition. These electronic cigarettes look like the normal tobacco cigarettes but with a much better system and much less harms.