Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wholesale Electric Bike

Along with the electric scooters, electric bicycle motors kits can also be purchased. These kits are a great aid in understanding the whole mechanism of electric bikes and how to join its parts. Electric bikes are also known as moped. It is a layman term through which many of the people are familiar. You need to keep in mind the safety measures while riding an electric bike which means that you need to have a helmet on and you shouldn’t talk on cell phone while riding the bike. Also the main advantage of electric bike is that, it cannot pollute air at any cost thus it is environment friendly. Electric bikes are designed for street rides where the speed limits are relatively low. Apart from the speed of the electric bike, the other features are relatively same as of wholesale dirt bikes such as seat, brakes, signal turns etc.

When it comes to starting a business of wholesale electric bikes, you can add the feature of electric scooters or bikes free shipping since it will attract many customers. As per the market survey, the prices of wholesale electric bikes can vary from $200 to $1000 depending upon the features you want to have in your electric bike. Kid’s electric motor bikes come in great variety of colors and seat structure. Kids can choose to get sit down types or stand up types. While choosing a wholesale retailer for buying the wholesale electric bikes, make sure to read their testimonials from different customers and their longevity in business. Also, do check the return policy and warranty claims since all electrical items come up with a warranty of sometime.