Saturday, October 21, 2006

Anti Bush Sticker

Hey, before you slap that harsh political bumper sticker on your vehicle, you may want to be certain of what you're doing it for. Are you aware of all that's going on in politics these days? Do you keep up with your current events and watch the world news daily? One thing that I've noticed regarding the Bush presidency is how he's constantly attacked. Now, I do realize that this is to be expected since he is the nation's leader. The truth is there's no way to have this position and not get dogged by certain individuals and groups. That's just part of the package. Take our current president for example. One thing he's not is articulate. He certainly has trouble forming his arguments verbally. This doesn't make him a horrible leader. There are many factors to consider. So don't peel that back off that anti bush sticker just yet. You may be tainting your car or SUV.
I live in Middle America. You see plenty of stickers on vehicles out here. Now I'm not talking about the anti bush sticker; I'm referring to "Support Our Troops" stickers. I like seeing this. Whether you agree with the war or not isn't the issue. The fact is we have tons of Americans over there fighting for our country. They're doing what al lot of folks over here would never have the guts to do. Therefore let's offer them support in any way we can. It's the right thing to do. You don't have to have your PHD to see that there is a great deal of controversy surrounding politics. This all starts with opinions. We all have them and we all think we're right. Some of us are out looking for an anti bush sticker to voice our position, and others are doing the opposite. One thing I can tell you is that you may want to think about your environment/community before pasting an anti bush sticker on your ride. Like I mentioned, around here that probably wouldn't be the best idea. That is, unless you want to be ostracized and possibly worse.
If an anti bush sticker is what you're searching for, you'll have no trouble finding one online. You can take your pick from a whole slew of anti bush trinkets, stickers, apparel and more. However, I would keep in mind that Bush is our president, and though he may make a few mistakes; he is just human like the rest of us. How well would you do in the White House?