Thursday, October 19, 2006

Romantic Restaurants

Romantic Restaurants
Couples need to have time out for themselves, and they often choose to go to romantic restaurants to do this. This isn’t just something that young couples do, as married couples need to do this from time to time too, no matter how busy they are. After marriage, many couples forget to nurture their relationship and end up drifting apart. This can be remedied by just taking a little time to spend with their spouse. Restaurants are common date spots, but what is considered romantic by one couple might not be so great for someone else.
When you think of romantic restaurants, you may have candlelight and soft music in mind. This is a common theme in restaurants, but it doesn’t guarantee a romantic atmosphere. There are other things to take into consideration. Things such as children running around, loud waiters, or too little space between tables can make what could be romantic restaurants seem like any other place in town. It may take you a while to find the perfect place for your romantic evenings.
I have nothing against children. I really love them, actually. However, when I go out for an evening alone with my husband, I leave my daughter with a babysitter for a reason. Sometimes adults just need that time alone to be waited on, and to not worry if their child is making a mess, eating everything, bothering other people, or just being loud. If your romantic restaurant has a lot of children seated near you, you are going to feel like you are at home rather in a place that is supposed to be romantic. If you make your dinner dates for later in the evening, you are less likely to run into this problem.
As far as I am concerned, good romantic restaurants have not only low light and pleasant music, they also have an excellent wait staff. This means the waiters or waitresses aren’t stopping at your table every five minutes, but they do know to check with you once in a while. Romantic restaurants should also give you space between the tables so you don’t have to worry about being overheard, or you don’t have to worry about hearing what is going on at the next table. This type of place is not as hard to find as you may think. Look around where you live, as there may be the perfect restaurant where you never thought to look.