Thursday, October 19, 2006

Power Walking

There is a walking path that goes past our home. We live on a lake and there are several resorts that are close to us. People use the walking path to ride their bikes, rollerblade exercise their pets and also for walking. The window from our in kitchen eating area faces the path. There is one neighbor that is into power walking and he goes by almost every evening as we are eating our dinner. No matter how many times I see him I get a chuckle out of his power walking technique.
Through the years there have been many people power walking on the path. Most of them must have watched the same video or television exercise program about how to do this. Power walking involves taking long strides and pumping your arms as you walk. Your arms are bent at the elbows and by vigorously swinging them you increase your heart rate and the amount of calories that you burn. It is easier on your knees and hips than jogging, yet it is suppose to have the overall same effect in regards to a good cardiovascular work out. Some people use hand held weights or weighted wrist bands to increase their calorie burn.
The neighbor has his own unique form of power walking. He is quite tall, over six feet five inches. He is quite skinny. In the summer months he wears shorts and a tank top when power walking. He also has his small house dog along on a leash. As he strides down the path he looks like he is almost doing the splits with each stride. His step is so long that the little dog has to run to keep from getting pulled down the path. He also has his arms bent at the elbow. But for some reason he holds them way off to the sides with his fists clenched by his chest. He looks like a chicken flapping its wings.
My husband and I have seen this most days for five years. Last week my husband was gone overnight on business. My girlfriend came over after work to spend the evening with me. We decided to have a casual dinner from the local deli. We ate at the small kitchen table that faces the walking path. My friend had just taken a bite of food when I saw her stare out the window and start choking as she pointed. The neighbor was doing his power walking routine on the path. My friend managed to swallow her food, but then she laughed until she was also sick. She thought this was the funniest thing she had ever seen. She had just regained her composure when he walked past again to return home. This started another wave of laughter. She thinks we should film this and turn it in to funniest home videos for a prize.